Clap To Find My Phone

Clap To Find My Phone is a free app that enables you to find your device by clapping. This app is very useful when you forget where you placed your phone. It also offers other features like a flashlight on call, flash alert on app notification, flashlight on SMS, caller name talker, SMS speaker, battery level alert as well as call block and PIN protection features.

The Don’t Touch feature allows you to inform when somebody touches your phone. This phone finder app permits you to set different notification tones, volumes for either feature. All the features are introduced in this smart app. Don’t confuse about how to find my phone.

We already provided total procedure in Information tag under the “Clap to Find” section. Other high-end features of Clap To Find My Phone app. If you couldn’t find your phone and you are thinking where is my phone then you can use this app. This section includes the settings for finding your phone by clapping.

It has four sub-tags: Find my phone, Select Tone, Setting, and Information. Find my Phone allowing you to enable or disable the feature and its settings. In the second one, you can select the alert ringtone. Three tones are available there by default or you can choose from your storage from the button placed below “Select Tone From Phone”. Well, the settings section is another tag for other features of this app.

In this section, you can find similar elements classified as below. If you want flash when an incoming call or message, then you can enable the first option Flash Alert. This option covers two toggles for call and SMS. You can change its setting from the button from the top-right corner.

The setting includes flash mode, notification setting, flash count, blinking speed and DND mode settings. The preview button is also available below. The second option in the Clap To Find My Phone app is Call Block, which contains call blocking features. You can add any number or choose from your contact list. The add entry button is placed at the top-right corner.


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