Ruler Application

Ruler app : 👇

Open Google Play store on your smartphone, tablet or computer and search for “ruler app” or click here for direct link. Install the application on the device, it will take just a couple of seconds and will not take much space. The download is only 1.5 MB.

Choose units : 👇

Open Ruler App and choose your prefered units of measurement – inches if you live in the States and use Imperial system or centimeters if use Metric system.

Measure : 👇

You will see the main view with a ruler on it. Put desired object on top of the screen and find it’s size. You can also measure the exact length by clicking the screen and move the two handles like you use a caliper. When ready click “done” button to save result to the measurement history. And you are ready!

Inches or centimeters : 👇

Use Imperial or Metric units system? Choose from inches or centimeters from the settings menu.

The tape measure application fully supports fractions display for users in the United States. You can also find out the size in the other unit system by quickly changing units.

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